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5 Tips To Having A Healthy Relationship With The Gym


5 Tips To Having A Healthy Relationship With The Gym

In today’s day and age, it can feel as if you never have enough time to do the things you want to do- between having a steady gym routine, socializing with friends on the weekends, working, spending meaningful time with loved ones, to the basics like drinking 2 liters a day and eating healthy. When there are so many things you want to accomplish in a day, it can feel overwhelming at times prioritizing what is important to you. When you do go to the gym it may feel like something you “need” to do so you can then cross it off your mental “to-do list.” Also, while you are there it may not be enjoyable because your mind might be somewhere else. The tips outlined below will help you stay motivated when heading to your, possibly dreaded, sweat sesh. 

1.Find A Post Workout Reward To Look Forward To

Whether it is going to the juice shop down the street with a friend or enjoying a post-workout shake using our whey protein powder at home, finding the perfect post-workout treat gives you something you can look forward to. By giving yourself a real reward that is tangible, you are setting yourself up for success. Having an extrinsic reward will help you build healthy habits and get in the routine of working out and eating healthy.


2. Find An Exercise That You Love To Do

Actually enjoying the workout you are doing, is the main component of sticking to it. Nothing long-term begins with a workout that you “kind of like to do.” People who have long- term success with their workouts, attribute their doing so with their ability to find joy in it. Whether it be cycling, kickboxing, swimming, hiking, yoga, or running- finding an activity you genuinely enjoy doing will make all the difference.


3. Focus On How You Will Feel After

Focusing on the end-result is an amazing way to power through a workout. After all of the hard work, you finally have the time to unwind and feel the release from all of the endorphins. Some experience a “runner’s high,” where they will feel euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain. These post-workout feelings of bliss are usually what keeps us motivated to keep going.


4. Give Yourself A Rest 

While rest days may be overlooked, they are critical to your long-term success. Rest days are an equal part of getting in shape because they allow your muscles to rebuild and recover. Having a rest day is a great way to take a pause, slow down, and enjoy other areas of your life that you may be missing out on. While to some, rest days may sound counterproductive they actually give the body time to heal from the physical stress placed on the body during a workout.


5. Celebrate Your Small Victories

When working out, it is important to have clear, concise goals that you can look forward to achieving. When you celebrate your small victories, you build momentum, confidence, and pride that can be taken with you even outside of the gym. Giving yourself praise, taking compliments from others, and patting yourself on the back are all skills that build the confidence to show up for yourself.

Using these tips above, you will improve not only your relationship your gym club membership-but with yourself!

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