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5 Tips to Optimize Your Morning

5 Tips to Optimize Your Morning 

You hit the alarm on your phone and do everything in your power to prolong getting out of bed. Once you do, you splash water on your face hoping that the cold water will revive your tired eyes. You grab your cell phone. Scrolling for minutes on Instagram turns into an hour. You lose track of time and then finally remember what day it is and what lies ahead of you. If this is a morning that sounds familiar to you, you are not alone and these 5 tips can help you be more proactive and ready to take on whatever is thrown your way. 

Tip #1: Make a Goals List 

Writing down your goals for the day is not only a way to gently remind yourself of what needs to be done but a way to gain momentum and confidence so you can make better decisions throughout your day. Writing your goals down reinforces your priorities and sets the stage for what you will accomplish. It provides direction and offers a more refined view of what is important. 

Tip #2 :Replace Social Media with Meditation 

By replacing social media with meditation you can be sure to have a clearer head with less stress. Meditation will help you kick off your morning and influence your decisions for the rest of the day. Even if you cannot master meditation the first day, by closing your eyes and focusing on breathing, you can gain insight that will set the stage for what follows. Meditation is scientifically shown to increase your ability to multitask so you can be more productive later on. Need motivation to quit scrolling? (Go to the Instagram app, tap the menu button in the top-right, click on Your Activity and you will find the daily average time spent on IG over the past week. Think of all the other things you could be doing with your time!)

Tip #3: Make Time For A Workout 

Working out decreases stress levels and actually can increase your energy levels, despite popular belief. Studies show individuals who workout are happier. No wonder! Working out in the mornings help to enhance your metabolism meaning that even during your work commute post-workout, your body is burning extra calories! Studies show that your morning cup of joe falls short compared to a morning workout which prepares your body and mind better than coffee.

Tip #4: Hydrate Before You Caffeinate 

If you don’t include any of the other tips in the morning routine, please implement this one. Drinking water on an empty stomach cleanses your body, keeps your organs healthy, fights infections, and keeps your skin glowing. Having water before coffee jump starts your system and is surprisingly the KEY to get caffeinated. A lot of people drink coffee first thing in the morning because they are thirsty. Drinking water quenches your thirst so you can enjoy coffee later for that extra boost if need be. 

Tip #5: Visualize Your Best Life 

Visualizing your day helps you to reach your potential. Full sensory visualization is beneficial when you can clearly define your goals. It can even spark inspiration and boost confidence. By visualizing your day first thing in the morning you will believe in it and take the proper steps to accomplishing whatever goals you set out for yourself. Mental imagery is the key to achieving your dreams because your mind cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. Your body stimulates the same neurons that would fire as if certain events did in fact happen. Starting to visualize your day increase motivation and helps you define exactly what you want in life.

If you implement these 5 tips into your life, you will make room for positivity so you can say goodbye to unhealthy morning routines that hinder your growth and hello to starting your morning on the right foot!

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