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Tips To Mastering The “At Home Workout”


Whatever the reason may be- whether you are too busy to commit to a gym membership or do not want to pay a monthly membership fee, we understand. Sometimes it is just not realistic to spend money on a place that you cannot see yourself showing up to for whatever reason. If you prefer the comfort of your home for your sweat seshes or have no other option, these tips and tricks will help you make working out at home easy, effective, and practical.

Utilize Furniture

Utilizing furniture to its best potential will help you get the most out of your home workout. Honestly, anything can be a weight if you want it to be! On the go in a hotel room? Use a suitcase. At home? Use a milk jug. In your office? Use your desk...Just kidding. If you have a couch you can actually master some squats. You can also do “couch climbers,” an elevated version of mountain climbers that targets your arms and abs. You can even do sit-ups by placing your toes under the couch, bending your knees and slowly sitting up as quickly as you can.


Invest in Your Fitness Space

Having a dedicated area to workout will help inspire you and keep you motivated. Whether you move some furniture around and create space for yourself OR own a guest bedroom you can easily convert to a gym with foam rollers, weights and inspirational posters -finding room for yourself to move freely is one of the most important first steps to having a good at home workout practice.

Take Advantage of Youtube

There are tons of workout routines online that you can instantly stream. Not only are these videos helpful and will keep you on track but they also are FREE. All of these resources are in the palm of your hand and can be watched anywhere and at any moment. Youtube is a great platform and you can search “at home workouts” and hundreds of thousands of videos will appear.


Don’t Underestimate Using Your Own Body Weight

It is easy to be discouraged at home when you might not have machines or equipment to choose from but using your own body weight is an effective way to stay lean and gain muscle. Exercises like push-ups, planks, lunges and jumping jacks are quick, easy and fun ways to get your sweat on. You can easily build strength without investing hours of time a week using your own bodyweight, not to mention you have full control.


The above are a few ways you can stay in shape from your house without running into people at the gym you may not want to see as you’re drenched in sweat (we have all been there before)...Enjoy!

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