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Strawberry Kiwi HydraShred Lypolitic Fat Burner

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HydraShred: Ultra Premium Lipolytic Fat Burner.

HydraShred is a versatile, ultra-potent fat burning thermogenic diet supplement designed to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and maximize your weight loss results.

Coming in 6 incredibly delicious powders, HydraShred offers fans multiple dosing protocols to find that convenient weight loss option that’s perfect for you.

Why We Are Different

Are you tired of fat burner drinks that do nothing? Of crashing an hour after taking a questionable powder hoping to lose those final few pounds?

Do you wish your fat burner was filled to the brim with laboratory-proven and properly dosed ingredients?

HydraShred is here to answer the call!

When we set out to create our leading fat-burner, we wanted it to fulfill several requirements. The ideal weight loss powder must:

Accelerate Your Fat Loss

That’s the whole point, right? What’s the worth of a fat burner if you aren’t seeing the results? It needs to be more than caffeine! So we included only the best thermogenic ingredients around. From strong energy enhancers to subtle pick-me-ups, we have you covered.

Boost Your Physical and Mental State

The inspiration for this requirement is all too familiar: “diet brain”. As the calories fall down, so does mood and mental clarity. We wanted HydraShred to combat diet brain and put you back in a solid state of mind. To do so, we included a full doses of caffeine from several trusted sources, alongside underrated ingredients like TeaCrine® and Theobromine that keep things nice and smooth, without an awful caffeine crash.

Crush Your Appetite & Cravings

The best fat burners around shut-down your appetite like you ate an entire elephant - only you didn't. The energy enhancers inside help, but we took things a step further and set our fullness demands so you're not constantly thinking about food.

Support Healthy Weight Loss

Gone are the days of ridiculous weight loss claims, starvation diets, and false studies. We want to keep things healthy and orderly. HydraShred is a step above its competition where it matters: maintaining your health in the long run. Because this is a lifestyle, not a short-term fix.

But most importantly, since we're dealing with a powdered diet drink here, it must...

Taste Incredible!

If a product doesn't taste amazing in 2018, the company is simply slacking. Not Sparta Nutrition –– not ever! HydraShred is amongst the best tasting products around. We worked tirelessly to cover up even the most difficult-to-mask ingredients so you can enjoy full doses without any bitterness to go along with it. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself.

We can make all the anecdotal claims in the world. In-fact, the supplement industry lives off of such claims. What really matters is the research. Let’s take a look at what we put inside of HydraShred and some of the research that informed our careful formulation.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT) is the preferred form of carnitine for athletic use. The LCLT in HydraShred will help you recover more efficiently from your workouts.[1] Better yet, it may even help you burn more fat.[2]

Acetyl L-Carnitine But we're not done with carnitine. Acetyl L-Carnitine is a step ahead of other carnitine supplements because it can cross the blood-brain barrier. This unique method of action may impart cognitive benefits like enhanced focus and even memory retrieval, combating that "diet brain" we all despise.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is part of a suite of ingredients that fulfil the “appetite suppressant” side of HydraShred,[4] so you're feeling a bit more full and a lot less worrisome over that less-than-full stomach.

Green Tea Leaf Extract is one of the healthiest things a human can consume on a daily basis, but most of us never bother! Green Tea Extract is in HydraShred to provide some benefits of green tea consumption without the inconvenience of brewing a pot of tea.

TeaCrine® Now it's time to make the energy last longer: TeaCrine® is caffeine’s younger and better-looking brother. Unlike caffeine, TeaCrine® is decently resistance to tolerance buildup,[6] and it has a longer-lasting energy curve.

Vanillin is an extract of vanilla bean. As a transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 (TRPV1) agonist, vanillin may help start fat burning processes in the body.

Banaba Leaf As many low-carb dieters know, staying trim is all about blood sugar management. Banaba may act as a "glucose disposal agent", meaning it can help the body sort out where glucose should go to keep your blood nice and healthy.

Grains of Paradise One of the hottest ingredients on the market -- literally -- Grains of Paradise may help the body burn off brown fat reserves while increasing overall energy expenditure. Best of all, it's not a stimulant!

Multiple Caffeine Sources Caffeine is the strongest fat-burning ingredient around that’s consistently supported by science. We included the best forms on the market to help you get the benefits in every form possible. With multiple sources, you get different release speeds, meaning it won't all hit you (and leave you) at once! Dicaffeine malate, anhydrous, yerba mate, and green coffee bean extract will keep you going for hours with less of a crash thanks to the spread of energy.

Theobromine 99% is the stepbrother of caffeine and theacrine. While it is a weaker stimulant, it may be a more potent fat burning agent by helping you get your heart rate up.

Guarana Seed Extract may help boost metabolism independently of its caffeine content. It also provides some energy kick that makes HydraShred so effective.

Cirsium Oligophyllum One of the most underrated and under-used ingredients in the weight loss world, Cirsium Oligophyllum may help the body liberate stored fat due to its role as a beta-2 agonist. It may even act synergistically with caffeine.

Cocoa Seed Extract (20% N-coumaroyldopamine) is shown to contain xanthine molecules like caffeine and theobromine and may boost the stimulant effects of HydraShred. In addition, the active compound N-coumaroyldopamine may act as a beta-2 agonist like cirsium, helping to put your body into a fat-targeting mode.

With a robust and diverse profile like this, what more can we say? We put our money where our mouth is and made it fun to drink. If you're tired of capsules, then it's time to take a look at a powdered fat burning drink.

Give HydraShred a try; take a scoop, feel the lasting energy, and tell us what you think. But you don’t have to, because we know you'll be laser-focused and back to work, getting ready for that next beach trip or pool party.

Nutrition Facts

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