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CogniKeto: Clinically Dosed Ketogenic Nootropic.

Has “diet brain” destroyed your ability to live -- and think -- optimally?

Are you new to the ultra-low-carb life and find yourself lost in the “keto fog”?

Do you want an additional mental boost as an already experienced keto dieter?

Luckily, Sparta Nutrition has the solution to all of the above conundrums, and its name is CogniKeto!

Why We Are Different

Cutting through the fog with CogniKeto

Transitioning to a keto diet can be one of the biggest lifestyle changes you ever make. We’re all too familiar with that haziness that can blanket your mind — better known as “keto fog”. While your body is getting used to fat adaptation, your brain feels like it gets the short end of the stick, yet you need your brain now.

As is tradition at Sparta Nutrition, we combated the issue with hard science. After spending many long hours researching the best ingredients, we realized that keto dieters had nowhere to turn for cognitive support meant for them -- and CogniKeto was born. We designed it as a one-stop cognition, focus, and memory enhancer.

The best part? We did it all without inflating CogniKeto's formula with tons of caffeine. Here's how it works:

Potent Focus and Clarity.

In the classroom or on the virtual battlefield, focus and clarity are key. We designed CogniKeto to maximize your ability to hone in on the details of the task at hand. We fought valiantly to include science-backed ingredients that help you to see the world more clearly.

Naturally Sweetened and Keto-Friendly.

Like the rest of our Keto Supplement Series, CogniKeto is 100% friendly for keto dieters. No blood sugar spiking, ketosis-killing ingredients to be found here! We only used sweeteners that are time-tested to be friendly to your fat-burning state. We’re now also proud to announce that no artificial sweeteners were used in CogniKeto’s flavor matrix, satisfying the paleo dieters who are transitioning into the higher-fat lifestyle.

Support Cognitive Health and Recall.

Half the battle with cognitive enhancement is prolonging your natural cognitive health. The ketogenic diet alone does this, but there are times you need a boost. Nootropics may help, but the most important factor is maintaining your overall long-term brain health. We included ingredients that act as neuroprotective agents while enhancing your state of ketosis - without sending you off a cliff with stimulant overload. In addition, we placed a specific emphasis on memory recall.

Brain and Productivity Booster.

What is enhanced cognition worth if we can’t use it to work more efficiently? We designed CogniKeto around one concept: productivity. The ingredient profile is designed to boost your brain in a way that improves both your creative output and mental efficiency, getting you to results fast and seamlessly.

Perfect For eSports and Studying.

eSports are a growing market and students can always use more support. Trust us, CogniKeto is a cheat code for both realms. It will tilt the playing field so far in your favor you won’t even feel it's fair, and your competition on the field (or the grading curve) won't either.

goBHB® Salts

BHB Salts make up the spine of our Keto Series. Exogenous ketones may help the body shift into ketosis faster, which means the undesirable cognitive side effects go away faster.[1] Exogenous ketones in the bloodstream can fuel the body, which may cause a non-caffeine related energy boost.[2] goBHB® ketones are also bound to electrolytes like magnesium that improve cognitive well-being if a user is deficient prior to supplementation[3] -- and many keto dieters are often in a state of electrolyte deficiency.

AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC is often considered the most potent form of choline around. We added a serious amount to CogniKeto for the well-rounded cognitive benefits associated with choline supplementation. By enhancing the levels of choline available to your body, Alpha-GPC increases your production of acetylcholine,[4] which is also known as the "learning neurotransmitter". This will ensure that you’re in the right mind state to accomplish any task on your to-do list.

As a bonus, Alpha-GPC may even improve power output in exercise[5] for those using CogniKeto as a pre workout supplement.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Although many don't think of it as a nootropic, caffeine is actually the most popular one on Earth. This is especially true when used in a reasonable dose and combined with L-theanine, which is discussed below. To put it simply, caffeine will wake you up and give you the energy and mentality needed to focus.[6] Think about it, can you really do anything mentally taxing if you aren’t awake enough to fully attack it?

To make sure you aren’t too energetic, we stuck to a lower dose (150mg in a full two-scoop serving) -- it's our job to get focused, not anxious.

Lion’s Mane Extract

Lion’s Mane is a remarkable mushroom that’s taken the entire supplement industry by storm, so we felt morally obligated to include it in the best nootropic around. Lion’s Mane may help enhance your levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF. This actually helps the body construct and maintain neurons.[7] It turns out that you're never too old to make new neurons, and this ingredient can help! Lion’s Mane also may assist with memory recall. [7]


L-theanine and caffeine are the simplest and most popular nootropic duo of all time. The purpose of L-theanine in CogniKeto is two-fold: make caffeine work better while keeping you calm enough to fight off any performance anxiety. Thankfully, it’s remarkably efficient at doing both.[8] We went with a 2:1 ratio of caffeine to L-theanine to make sure it’s not too relaxing, because we all have work to do. With caffeine now tamed, you can get on with the task at hand.

Huperzine-A 1%

Huperzine is a potent cholinergic agent that we find to be underrated. It works by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for acetylcholine breakdown. Remember, acetylcholine levels get boosted by the Alpha-GPC above, and now we're keeping them around longer with Huperzine-A. With more acetylcholine available, there's more room for improved cognitive function.[9] It may even induce neurogenesis in the hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with the consolidation of memories from short-term to long-term.[10]

From Beginner to Expert, CogniKeto is Here for You.

Transitioning into ketosis can be difficult. On top of the debilitating brain fog, electrolyte levels may decrease as insulin levels drop. For the beginners out there, Sparta Nutrition's CogniKeto attacks both of these problems head-on.

Meanwhile, for those already in ketosis who are well on their way to improved mental well-being, we added some ingredients to amplify your state of awareness and push an everlasting state of high-cognition. Whether it's for short-term gains or the long-term play, everyone wins with CogniKeto!

So anytime you need serious mental focus -- no matter if it's the daily late afternoon struggle, before a big presentation or competition, or even pre workout, CogniKeto is here for you.

    Nutrition Facts

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