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Keto Shred: premium ketogenic fat burner thermogenic.

Have you noticed that there are way too many fat burners on the market these days?

But more importantly, have you noticed that there’s still a specific product-type that’s been missing?

And finally, are you on #teamketo?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you’ve come to the right place. Meet Keto Shred -- the very first keto-friendly powdered fat burner on the market! When the idea for a ketogenic-friendly fat-burner first tickled our prefrontal cortex, we immediately looked at the competition we’d face on the market. Imagine our shock when we discovered that we had embarked into mostly uncharted waters. While there are signs of life in this unexplored paradise, they’re nothing more than shipwrecks in the face of Keto Shred. As the first product that matters in this space, we get to set the commandments.

Why We Are Different

Thou Must Be Keto-Friendly and Naturally Sweetened.

Ketosis is a fickle state to exist in. A single ingredient can kick you right out of fat-adapted land. To be safe, we only used nature sweeteners in Keto Shred that are keto-friendly... and we avoided artificial sweeteners while doing so.

Thou Must Induce Thermogenic Driven Weight Loss.

"Calories in vs calories out" is just another part of thermodynamics, but for keto dieters, we can seriously turn that whole "calories out" portion on hyperdrive and flip the equation on its head. The best fat burners on the market -- like our very own HydraShred -- already use thermogenesis to their advantage, but we did it better for keto-dieters through full clinical doses of the best fat-friendly ingredients science has to offer.

Thou Must Use goBHB®.

We understand that new can be scary. To be frank, some ingredients hitting the market these days scare us. Keto Shred only contains safe ingredients — including goBHB®, the only exogenous ketone source to receive GRAS designation, which stands for Generally Recognized as SAFE.

Thou Must Control Cortisol.

Stress-induced binge eating destroys diets. So get to the source and attack the stress. Keto Shred contains ingredients clinically demonstrated to support healthy stress levels.

Thou Must Control Appetite and Boost Metabolism.

Calories in vs calories out, once again, is the name of the game - even in keto. A good “burner” product helps you maximize both halves of the equation. Keto Shred helps you maximize the adage: eat less, move more. In addition, it may even help you burn more without moving by amplifying your fat-utilizing state of ketogenesis. Beat that.

goBHB® Salts

BHB Salts are the centerpiece of our keto series. By consuming exogenous ketones, the body may shift into ketosis at an enhanced rate.[1] The ketones themselves are also readily available as energy and may provide a pre-workout-like effect via a massive overall energy boost.[2] Better still, we went with ketones that are bound to electrolytes to correct any deficiencies that may arise due to diet or workout intensity.[3]

As mentioned above, these goBHB electrolytes have GRAS status with the FDA, and that's why we stick with them - they're the trusted, patented version from our expert ingredient partners at Compound Solutions.

MCT Powder

MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are the driving force behind coconut oil’s status as a superfood. MCT oil may help boost metabolism while decreasing fat mass.[4] In addition, they may help enhance fat oxidation.[5] New research is also showing that they help new keto dieters get into ketosis faster and with less of that "keto flu".

Caffeine Anhydrous

Surely you know what caffeine is by now! Caffeine is a potent energy-boosting ingredient that doubles as a fat burner and may rev up your metabolism while suppressing your appetite.[6-7] While we do have stimulant-free fat burners like Inferno, we opt for caffeine when possible. This makes Keto Shred more than just a fat burner - it makes it a keto-friendly energy drink!

Sensoril® Ashwagandha

Now it's time for the feel-good part of Keto Shred -- as if getting into ketosis didn't feel great as it was! Ashwagandha is one of the most studied supplements in the world — so we went with the best formulation. Ashwagandha may help reduce your total stress levels. Lower stress means a lower risk of stress-induced eating, so we threw in a massive dose of Sensoril®.[8]


L-theanine isn’t here as a fat burner, but it is another feel-good ingredient like Ashwaganda with several benefits. Think of it as an indirect "quality of life enhancer". As a stress-relieving cognitive focus booster, the main purpose is to reduce the jitters that come with caffeine intake. In addition, it may help curb emotional eating indirectly by helping to keep you even-keeled.[12]


InnoSlim® is primarily a "glucose disposal agent". Our goal with a glucose disposal agent is blood sugar control, which is the name of the game for succeeding with the keto diet. Thankfully, InnoSlim® may help us with this mission by normalizing our blood sugar levels.[9-11]

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise may be the most underrated fat burning ingredient on the market. It has the potential to drive brown fat thermogenesis in humans, which can result in a major metabolic boost. The best part? It’s not even a stimulant!

Keto Shred: A Keto Dieter's Dream Supplement.

Whether you're a veteran keto dieter or just trying to get started into the world of fat adaptation, Keto Shred has a place for you. It provides keto dieters with the energy and electrolytes they need -- when they need them -- but brings a fat-melting cocktail along for the ride.

When we developed Keto Shred, we opted to stay away from any ingredients that could spike blood sugar levels, and wanted to hit multiple angles in terms of energy and energy expenditure.  If you’re joining the #LowCarbShred life, it is the best companion you could ever ask for.

Will it do the work of the journey for you? Absolutely not - you still need to eat an appropriate calorie-restricted, high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb keto diet. But will it help you keep your diet and energy levels in line? You bet!

    Nutrition Facts

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