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Cereal Protein Bundle

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Your FAVORITE Cereal Flavors Are NOW Bundled! 

This Bundle Includes:

• 2 Cereal Proteins of choice

Spartan Whey is an ultra-premium protein blend, offering sources of fast and slow-digesting protein, combined with a novel absorption enhancer and unrivaled flavors. 

Not all protein powders are made equally. We formulated our whey protein powder to provide a full range of high-quality amino acids needed to support your body’s recovery and jump-start muscle repair without sacrificing quality or taste.

We make sure Spartan Whey is clearly labeled with everything that goes into our blend. No surprises. No banned substances. Fully disclosed, Spartan Whey lists out each source of protein, standardization, and total yield amount of protein per source so you know exactly what you’re getting per scoop. 

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