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We get it - dieting sucks. You’re hungry, you’re tired, and you’re maybe even a little hangry. But, we all need something to keep us going cause whether we like it or not, life goes on. With the Elite Energy Stack, confidently move forward knowing that you’ll be a fully functional human being for the 16-20 hours you need be.

Tired before the gym? Kraken’s got your back. Tired before that 2:00 PM meeting? Slam back a scoop of HydraShred and let’s get rolling. With this stack, a lack of ready-to-go energy is a thing of the past.

Suggested Use:

HydraShred: Take one serving first thing in the morning upon waking, and an additional serving later in the day (AM / PM Dosing)

Kraken: Take one serving (One scoop) prior to working out.


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