Cyclosome™: The BEST in Prohormone Delivery
By: Robert A. Schinetsky

For your everyday supplements, simply mixing them with water or encapsulating them in a standard gelatin-based capsule is more than enough. However, certain ingredients have be handled a bit more cautiously shall we say; reason being, the body is a highly complicated machine and it metabolizes certain ingredients WAY before they get to the places they need to be in your body, ultimately diminishing their ability to effectively work as originally intended.

The fact of the matter is, prohormones sold today will not yield optimal results if simply swallowed in tablet form. See, the stomach and small intestine are greedy little organs and typically gobble up most of these compounds long before they can be properly absorbed into the bloodstream, where they really do their work.

Essentially, supplement manufacturers needed to find a way to “trick” the body into not digesting these prohormones prematurely. Thus, a variety of “delivery systems” have been created to solve this conundrum.

Why Use a Delivery System?

Simply put, there are two primary benefits to using a quality delivery system

● Greater ingredient levels in bloodstream

Prohormone ingredients work via hormonal pathways in the body, so for them to work optimally, they need to get into the bloodstream. The higher you can elevate blood hormone levels, the better results you see from a given prohormone cycle.

For example, imagine you’re using 250mg/day of a given anabolic, but its current absorption rate is only 25%. This means that your body is only absorbing a quarter of the active ingredient, and 75% is essentially going to waste. Therefore, increasing the rate which hormones enter the bloodstream results in a higher total amount of the anabolic working.

● Reducing unwanted side effects

Limiting adverse effects is always important when using hormonal ingredients. Delivery systems allow the user to a lower amount with higher benefit. Harkening back to the previous example, using no delivery system means that 75% of the anabolic is possibly being wasted or worse yet, potentially inducing unwanted side effects, such as organ damage or excess estrogen conversion.

Delivery systems allow for a greater “minimal effective dose” meaning your body ultimately gets more “bang for the buck” from a lower dose, thus sparing unnecessary organ wear and tear and unwanted estrogen production.

What is Cyclosome?

Cyclosome™ delivery system is the industry first 100% pharmaceutical grade delivery system that combines both cyclodextrins and liposomes delivery systems in supplements for a “best of both worlds” scenario. Looking at your bottle of prohormones, you’ll see it detailed in the “other ingredients” section as Phosphatidylcholine 75% and Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin (HPβCD).

How Does it Work?

The process of properly encapsulating prohormones first involves capturing hydrophobic prohormones, and various other Testosterone increasing compounds, in water-soluble prohormone–cyclodextrin (CD) complex in liposomes. This method combines the advantages of cyclodextrins and liposomes into a single all-inclusive delivery system named Cyclosome™.

Encapsulating prohormones in Cyclosome allows the anabolics to pass through the liver unaffected and intact, in contrast to other delivery methods where the hormonal products are destroyed in the liver.

Now let’s compare it to another leading delivery system on the market in Liposomes. 

Comparison to Liposomes Delivery

Liposomes are another incredibly popular delivery system known as SEDDS, or “Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems.” It’s relatively new to the supplement market and has been used to great effect with ingredients like epicatechin, curcumin, and various joint-help ingredients.

Liposomes delivery involves the lipid encapsulation of a molecule, i.e. surrounding a prohormone in a fat, typically phosphatidylcholine. Various studies using Liposomes have shown that it can increase bioavailability up to 90%. However, remember that means that at its “greatest possible enhancement”, liposomes can go up to 90%, but can go as low as 27% increased bioavailability.

Cyclosome™, however, has been documented to provide >90% bioavailability.

Here’s a quick example illustrating the differences:

No Delivery System is displayed as “ND”, Liposomes is displayed as “LP”, and Cyclosome™ is displayed as “CS.”

Using the same 250mg/day dose described earlier:

● ND x 250mg (3-6% bioavailability) = 7.5-16mg prohormone in the blood
● LP x 250mg (3-6% bioavailability) x 9 = 67.5-144mg prohormone in the blood
● CS x 250mg (3-6% bioavailability) x >90% bioavailability = greater than 144mg prohormone in the blood

Note: These are purely theoretical numbers to show the differences in the bioavailability and absorption of the various delivery systems.

Thus, it’s quite easy to see the superiority of Cyclosome™ when used in the prohormone application. While Liposomes are a decent option, they aren’t the best, and if you’re spending your hard earned money to reap maximal gains, don’t you deserve the BEST?!

Of course you do, so keep things simple and trust only those prohormones using the industry leading prohormone delivery system in Cyclosome™!

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