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What is amino spiking?

Amino spiking is when amino acids are added to protein powders to mimic the actual complete protein amount per serving. So for example, if a supplement company is claiming that their protein content is 20 grams, but they are actually spiking the protein with cheaper aminos, then you could potentially only be getting 10-15 grams of the complete protein. They are able fool the nitrogen test because every amino acid contains nitrogen, so even though they are not using as much complete protein as they are claiming, it will still show up on the test as if they are due to the nitrogen in the aminos. 

We are proud to show our customers our fully disclosed label to display that we are NOT spiking our protein powders and what you pay for is exactly what you are getting, as it should be!


Are your products gluten-free?

All of our protein powders are gluten-free. 


Is protein okay for women’s weight loss?

All of our products can be taken by both men and women. The only variations are the doses, as it can depend on your weight as well as your specific fitness goal. For example, a 175 lb male who is trying to gain muscle might want to take 2 scoops after his workout - while a 140 lb woman wanting to lose weight might only want a single scoop after her workout. 


Whats the main difference between Kraken Extreme, Kraken Black, and Kraken Pump?

Kraken Extreme is considered our more mild pre-workout as it contains 250 mg of caffeine per 2 scoops. Kraken extreme is recommended those who have a moderate tolerance to caffeine. 

Kraken Black is more extreme, as it contains 350 mg of caffeine per 2 scoops. It is recommended more for those with a higher caffeine and stimulant tolerance. 

Kraken Pump is our mildest pre-workout, as it does not contain any caffeine nor stimulants. Kraken Pump is meant for those who are very sensitive to caffeine, yet still want their muscles to pop during their workouts. Since Kraken is stimulant-free, it can be stacked with both Kraken Black and Extreme. 


Do you suggest milk or water with the protein?

Any protein will almost always taste better with Milk - including both dairy and non-dairy options. However, we do strongly believe that our products can hold their delicious taste with water alone. Adding milk or water to the protein is completely the customer's preference! 


Should I increase the dosage depending on how much I workout?

The dosage for our supplements depends more on your gender, specific fitness goal, and tolerance to specific stimulants. For example, males tend to have more scoops of protein per serving than females since their dietary needs are usually higher than most females. 

However, a male and female who are both trying to lose weight can take the same serving size for any of our fat burners since the fat burner itself is not considered a meal replacement. 

As for our pre-workouts the dosage depends on your specific tolerance to stimulants and of course, if you are working out or not that day. 


What sweeteners do you use to flavor your products?

Some, but not all of our products are sweetened with both Natural and Artificial flavors such as Stevia and Sucralose. Our Keto series, for example, is made with only Natural Sweeteners. Our labels are fully disclosed for our customers to check each and every ingredient to make sure it suites their needs. 


How long does it take for my order to ship?

We have now improved our shipping process and are offering same day shipping for orders that are placed before 10 A.M. EST. If an order is placed after this time, it will be shipped out the next day. Once the order has shipped, you will be sent a FedEx tracking number so you can know exactly when your order will be arriving!


Do We Offer Samples?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any samples.

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