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Sparta Nutrition Announces Collaboration With Jen Selter

World leading supplement company, Sparta Nutrition, has signed a deal with one of Forbes top fitness influencers, Jen Selter. Selter, fitness model and social media mogul, is known for being an innovator in the fitness community. Sparta Nutrition has established itself as the leader in nutrition performance products. Sparta and Jen Selter have collaborated to create a signature Jen Selter product line, currently under development. This line will be available through Sparta Nutrition and a part of GNC's Exclusive Product Lines, sold in GNC stores globally. Together, the two parties will work together to develop a unique product that will optimize health without sacrificing taste.

"It is my absolute pleasure to announce this collaboration," said Murtaza Khawaja, CEO and founder of Sparta Nutrition. "Teaming up with Jen is an exciting development for our company as her values clearly align with our core beliefs of authenticity and transparency." Sparta Nutrition was born from the belief that individuals deserve real products with real results, an overarching quality Jen confidently stands behind within her own brand. The Jen Selter line will introduce to the public a new way to fuel. Selter is an ideal partner, says President of Sparta Nutrition, Mustafa Khawaja. "Her brand personifies our mission to create real value with premium products."

This partnership reflects Sparta Nutrition’s desire to collaborate with influencers that share their vision of spreading wellness with products created to ignite flavor with health. As Chief Taste Officer of Sparta Nutrition, Selter says, “I think Sparta has found a very strong avenue in delivering products with unique flavor profiles not found with any other company.   I am so excited to launch my signature line through GNC. Sparta has such a great grasp of where the market is currently and are visionaries for the future.

This collaboration with Sparta Nutrition is the first time Selter will be promoting her own supplement company line. “I have been offered many deals by companies who have only wanted to aggregate my 38+ million followers, conversely, Sparta Nutrition understands the importance of integrity with not only their products, but relationships.”

About Sparta Nutrition

Sparta Nutrition is the fasting growing supplement company that has unrivaled whey protein powders, the world’s highest ranked pre-workouts, substantiated through patented and trademarked ingredients––alongside BCAAs, premium fat-burners, and a low-carb keto series. Sparta Nutrition products revolutionize the taste and quality of traditional supplements and enhance them with nostalgic flavors such as Marshmallow Cereal, Fruity Cereal, Cinna Crunch Cereal, and Apple Cinnamon Cereal. Their products are manufactured in a cGMP approved, FDA audited, and NSF Certified facility. To learn more about Sparta Nutrition, visit


About Jennifer Selter

Social media star and fitness model Jen Selter, has capitalized on Instagram and other social media platforms to promote her own brand encouraging utilizing fitness and health to be the best version of “yourself”. She opened her Instagram account in 2012 where she posted motivational fitness photos which sparked public eye and led to her empire of 38 million+ followers she currently has today. She is the current owner of nine other Instagram successful Instagram accounts such as @couplegoals, @squatspo, and @motivationforfitness. As a viral sensation and entrepreneur, Selter has shown social media to be an essential aspect of her business achievements.

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