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Elite Energy Stack



If you drink several coffees, energy drinks, or even pre-workouts, chances are you’re a stim head. But no judgements, fellow broseph, as we understand your plight and we’re here to celebrate. This stack is for the most advanced stim-junkies out there, combining the strongest stimulant preworkout in the industry with the most charged-up lipolytic fat burner to ever come to market.

Kraken is the high stimulant pre-workout that’s been taking shelf space and winning awards across the board, and for good reason. Efficaciously and clinically dosed with the addition of enough stims to light up the 300, you’re sure to be pleased.

HydraShred was formulated with one purpose: burn fat and provide energy - and it does just that. Using the most premium lipolytic [actual fat burning ingredients] coupled with a stimulant matrix to keep you wired for hours of cardio, HydraShred will elevate you to the next level.

The Elite Energy Stack is designed to deliver on the energy front, keep you going, while helping you shred some fat along the way. It’s the perfect stack for anyone on the go, and looking to stay lean. I mean, who doesn’t want washboard abs at any given time?!

Stack Includes:

Kraken Extreme Pre-Workout

HydraShred Lypolitic Fat Burner