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Have you taken a look at those "coffee creamers" on the shelves at grocery stores the past couple of decades? There's not even any cream in them!! Corn syrup solids, sugar, low-fat milk, caramel… you name it. They've got everything but the cream! While they've been engineered in a lab to taste great, they are devastating to anyone who drinks them in the morning -- especially for low-carb or keto dieters!

There is literally no worse way to break your nightly fast than to drink that poison -- and that goes for everyone.

Meanwhile, adding coconut oil, butter, or heavy cream either turns your coffee into a disgusting oily mess, or simply doesn't taste like you'd want it.

Despite all of the coffees with fancy names and millions in "investment", the ketogenic community has a serious coffee problem. They are all weird, unpalatable, and quite frankly unacceptable solutions.

That is, until Sparta Nutrition stepped into the ring.

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