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Whether you’re in PCT or you’re trying to take your body to the next level, TROJAN PCT by Sparta Nutrition provides an all inclusive clinically dosed formula designed to increase libido, boost testosterone, & support cortisol and estrogen levels.

Using premium extracts of Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, and Boron, TROJAN PCT provides the natural ingredients necessary to boost testosterone levels. Not only is TROJAN PCT a strong testosterone booster, but it also features 50mg of Arimistane. Arimistane has been shown in research to reduce Estrogen levels to normal ranges and support cortisol levels. With boosted testosterone and optimal estrogen and cortisol, your body is in prime lean muscle growth mode.

TROJAN PCT also has libido boosting properties with efficacious doses of Saw Palmetto extract & L-Dopa. By including these two ingredients with Tongkat Ali, TROJAN PCT has the unique ability over other testosterone boosters to not only boost testosterone levels, but actually provide clinically research ingredients shown to increase libido.

The most important part of any bodybuilders PCT regimen is keeping your hard earned muscle. While optimizing testosterone, estrogen, & cortisol is important can, it’s just a piece to the puzzle. Increase muscle protein synthesis is a crucial piece to the puzzle, we decided to include Laxogenin. Laxogenin has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis which will help keep your hard earned lean muscle and strength gains.

Trojan PCT is the best all-inclusive Post Cycle Therapy option on the market today. With clinically validated ingredients to maximize testosterone production, block estrogen conversion, support healthy liver function and also to protect and support lean mass gains, Trojan PCT is the obvious choice in a market crowded by inferior alternatives.


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