Ultimate Sparta Nutrition Stack

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  • Spartan Whey
  • HydraShred Lypolitic Fat Burner
  • Kraken Extreme Pre-Workout
  • Inferno Non-Stim Fat Burner
  • Spartan BCAA
  • Kraken Pump
  • FREE Sparta Shaker Cup
  • FREE Sparta Drawstring Bag
  • FREE Sparta Duffle Bag

The Ultimate Sparta Stack includes two scientifically crafted thermogenic fat burners that were designed to suppress appetite, boost your metabolism, and increase your energy levels while dieting.

While HydraShred & Inferno shred the fat off you, toss in a scientifically validated influx of BCAA’s and EAA’s from Spartan BCAA and the industry’s greatest tasting and highest absorbing whey protein powder, and you have a weight loss stack made for success.

Spartan Whey provides that sweet tooth soothing creamy whey protein to keep your lean muscle mass and offer your body a steady influx of amino acids thanks to the inclusion of Micellar Casein.

But you want to continue to perform in the weight room? No problem! Kraken Pump and Kraken Extreme Pre-Workout provides a boost by providing a stimulant-free (Pump) or stimulant fueled (Pre-Workout) focus & nitric oxide boosting experience to your training sessions.

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